A Joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe

Leadership training, culture of teams/organisations

The trainers of Joyfulness Worldwide use a playful and personal approach, whether it’s about personal development, an organisational challenge, a desire to improve cooperation, recovery from a burnout or improving a relationship.

Can you imagine?

Leaders in organisations and teams who are aware of the status of relations and natural processes, know what is happening in the work culture and operate in a proactive rather than a reactive way.

Can you imagine doing this as leaders of your organisation?

Leaders who regularly create the space and time to stand in the eye of the hurricane are able to “zoom in and out” at will, using their intuition to feel what needs attention in teams and the organisation.

Can you imagine doing this in your team? Collectively take a rest to watch and experience what you and your team need most to make impact.

This can be done in different ways which are complementary and not mutually exclusive.

  • Increased impact / value for customers. A higher purpose that creates cooperation and energy, which is shared and supported by all employees.
  • Creation from synergy and cooperation. Working in a continuous innovation process, connecting our most talented teams and playfully create new value? Acting consciously with your energy level and passion, being aware of your energy givers so that you can use these in your work.
  • Development and deployment of talents. How would it be if we knew our greatest talents and true potential and being given the space to use these fully!
  • Heightened self-awareness, self-confidence and EQ. Living and working with self-love and self-confidence, really knowing ourselves. Not losing ourselves when we work together. Not projecting the individual unconscious patterns onto others in the relationship with colleagues.

How is the culture in your organisation?

For a full assessment and the ability to experience it, feel free to contact Joyfulness.