To keep your balance, you must keep moving

The balanced organisation

Sustainable organisations and teams are focused on thriving rather than surviving. It’s important that employees do not uproot, snap, wither, or be plucked prematurely. They provide a good rich soil (culture) and heat and light (attention and investment) for personal and collective growth.

The adaptability of nature is extremely strong through constant evolution and striving for balance. Change and balance are at the core of our existence. Balance is present when a dynamic equilibrium is established in an ever changing environment.

The existing models of organisational development don’t use these concepts optimally. There is too much focus on reason and rational analysing.

The widely used employee satisfaction surveys do not reveal the dynamics and balance. They show the score for individual categories. They do not contribute to the personal perception and experience needed to achieve real understanding of the situation.

The "Joyfulness Flower"

The innovative element of the “Joyfulness Flower” model is that it (as in nature) is focused on the premise that everything is moving and striving for balance. In organisations, teams and individuals ,these dynamics are always present. This dynamic movement is reflected in the three axes of the “Joyfulness Flower”. The necessary tranquillity and balance are situated in the “Eye”.

First, there is the dynamic axis of Identity. This is the dynamic between Self (self-confidence, ambition, self-knowledge, self-reliance) and Belonging (trust, safety, compassion, communication).

Independence can lead to too much individualism, reducing the connection with others. On the other hand, too much emphasis on connection leads to insufficient autonomy and responsibility of the individual.

The second axis is the axis of dynamic creativity. Developing talent is important. This talent should be used and expressed. But does talent get a chance? How can we transform the strong competition between employees? How can we create a culture of cooperation and synergy that leads to innovation?

The third axis is that of the dynamic intensity. Impact is the result of the amount of energy that is released and deployed.  Is there an inspiring common organisational goal which causes the energy to flow? However, too much emphasis on achieving Impact presents the risk of high working pressure and failure due to chronic stress and fatigue.

The “Eye” is the haven where the balance can be found again. It is the eye of the hurricane. By stepping in the “Eye” you create an opportunity for new insights. Intuition is always accessible in a state of relaxation.

The fragile Self

For the flower to bloom you need a growth process, which requires good roots , a sturdy stem, growing time and nutrition. The development of the Self is a fragile and intricate process where many people lose their balance.

It is important to experience your real core, your Self, again. Becoming aware of the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, enables you to  feel and be who you really are and discover where your talents lie and what gives you energy. From this feeling of Joy and passion you can connect with people around you and work together to achieve a goal.