Joyfulness is a movement a perspective on how we live and work together. Joyfulness is a cooperation of entrepreneurs, organization strategists, trainers and coaches, who help organizations organize in more natural way, and let the culture bloom. We give people and teams a way to gain insight into where the development opportunities are right now. No year plans, but a continuous personal and team development. constantly moving from out-of-balance to in-balans. It is like a natural process of continuous growing and blooming. Next to developing an organization development strategy on structure, we focus on culture. We introduce training, coaching and ways of developing based on the Blooming Culture Approach. Playfulness, experiencing, intuition and connecting from authenticity are central values we work with. This how we create a natural movement towards a blooming organization, together with the entire organization.

Way Of Working

Holistic approach

Developing towards a natural structure and culture


Your people and teams formulate their own steps to develop


Continuous acting on new development opportunities


More than 20 different creative & joyful trainings


Track the effects of your cultural development investments


We make use of the disarming quality of play


Our people radiate joy and bring positive energy


We believe in the transforming power of experience

Blooming Culture Approach

Central in our approach to culture development (personal-, leadership- & team development) is the Blooming Culture model.
The natural process and the systemic insights the model offers, is unique. In the Blooming Culture sessions and scans we facilitate, the necessary insights and movement is for personal- and team development is created. We also create variations of the model in day starts, culture-scrum sessions, intervision and new rituals. By continuously developing yourself and your teams, the model will prove to be the flywheel for realising a blooming culture. Which is the prerequisite for success and impact, now and in the near future. And the way to realise more connection, joy at work, enthusiasm, drive, flow, engagement and innovation.

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