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Joyfulness for everyone

Joyfulness is the feeling of joy that you experience when you can be yourself, use your talent and share this with others. In today’s society the feeling of Joy is under pressure. Many expectations, commitments, stress and the pressure to perform reduce your sense of happiness.

Joyfulness Worldwide is a cooperative organisation which gives people, communities, businesses and organisations the opportunity to reconnect with their talent, joy of life and work. We are using an insightful and fun way of coaching, training and mentoring and provide guidance on your journey, regardless of whether you’re young or adult, manager or employee, teacher or pupil.


Let's create our world of Joy

Joyfulness is our natural state of being.
By being your authentic self, you connect with Joy and with others in a natural way.

However, in today’s world, we are too preoccupied by individualism, competition and the pressure to perform.

Too many children and adults suffer from stress, depression and loneliness; they struggle to be their authentic selves and make a connection with others.

It’s time to create a world filled with compassion.
A world where we can learn and work through play and cooperation, using rationality, creativity and intuition in proportion.

Let's inspire each other